The supremely powerful fact that this Yoga is based on, is that Reality, your actual experience, intrinsically consists of an entirely inconceivable, transcendental actuality. Merely discovering that this is inalienably the case reveals the nonexistence of any actual limitation or definition that any degree of personal identity, suffering, seperateness, smallness, or vulnerability would have to be based on. The actual condition is entirely unlimited and transcendental in any and every conceivable way, and transcends inconceivability as well.

In the present moment it is always possible for the inherent Intelligence, YOUR awareness, to perceive this actual, complete condition of Reality as it is, transcendental Radiant Presence; since in actuality that is all that is ever being perceived.

As confusion consists of interpreting the unpatterned Radiance as consisting of patterns, the most direct antidote is to directly see that any experience is actually nothing other than the inherently unpatterned Radiance. This is possible since it is actually the case. From this perspective the true condition of the unpatterned Radiance spontaneously appearing in the sentient space of Clarity will be obvious, there being in actuality nothing else whatsoever.

So: simply notice that any aspect of your experience is nothing whatsoever other than a spontaneously appearing Radiant Presence appearing unmediatedly, indescribably, unstoppably, uncontrollably, essentially miraculously, whenever you can. Notice that this spontaneous appearance is actual, and beyond your concepts of it, i.e. indescribable with accuracy. That is, notice the presence of any particular experience without any preconceived notions of what it is, and then you can see what it ACTUALLY is.

Look at light, without "knowing" what it is; look at color, its amazing presence; what IS it that's appearing in your experience as you see it? How is it appearing? Can it be said?

Experience sound, without any theories of what supposed objects are producing the sound, and notice the unfathomable mystery of what it is. What can be said of that mystery, what IS sound? Can it be said?

Experience a thought; what is it that is being substantially experienced? How does it appear, how does it vanish? WHERE does it appear? What is it made of? How is it being perceived? What IS it?

Experience the amazing presence of a sensation of touch, without "knowing" what it is. What is happening? What is it? What amazing energy is the experience made of, what is experiencing it? And so on...

Notice how the Radiant energies that actually constitute any experience inherently communicate a profound intelligence, a profound meaningfulness, a spectrum of "flavor"; but not one that makes sense in human logical terms.

Then move on to noticing the mechanism of imagination, interpretation. As you perhaps directly look at the amazing experience you would normally call a "flower", notice how the idea that it IS a flower occurs; how does that happen? By what force does the idea appear in consciousness? The vision of light and color persists, but now it's a "flower", whereas in actuality it's really just light and color (and what are THEY?!?). Notice how this amazing process of interpretation is a spontaneously arising function of the inherent Intelligence, consisting of nothing other than that intelligence; and notice the unfathomable mystery of WHAT IT IS?

So continue this process of noticing whenever you can, and gradually it will spread to permeate all your experience; and what is ACTUALLY happening, as it is, absolutely intimate contact with transcendental Radiance, will ultimately be all that is clearly and obviously experienced.

At first, these moments of noticing may be few and far between; but as you appreciate the inherently transcendental nature of these events when they occur, they will naturally come steadily more frequently and more strongly, until ultimately they will constitute most of your experience. Be patient, have confidence, be easy and gentle.

Eventually you will continually notice the astounding Presence, intelligence, and continuity of the entire unified field of your experience; and that it is actually undifferentiated presence of consciousness, and it includes what you would formerly have considered the entire universe and "you", all "beings" whatsoever, as this unique Radiant Presence of being-consciousness-intelligence.


We typically focus on what we think of as "objects" in our experience- more or less specifically defined areas within the field of experience that seem to have some coherence or internal identity that makes it seem meaningful to distinguish them from the general field of experience. For example, you may now think you're seeing "letters" that make up "words", and they may seem different from the background of your computer screen, which may seem less relevant than the "words". Likewise, you may see the computer display as differentiated from the general view of the environment around it appearing in your field of vision, with of course other "objects" visible in that field as you turn your attention to them.

This action of differentiating objects within the field of experience is pragmatic in our normal human functioning; but exclusively employing this mode of relating to the energy-field of our experience, as a typical modern materialistic world-view automatically inclines one to, can blind us to aspects of our actual situation that are of the essence in revealing what this actually is, what you actually are.

The fundamental fact is that the sole actual object is the Radiantly-Present energy-field of experience itself. All apparent objects that you may focus on are abstractions held in your imagination, imaginary differentiations of the one reality-field, with no independent existence whatsoever, except as the field itself. This is obvious in our experience of dreams- once we wake up and look back on the "events" of our dream, we can see clearly that there were in actuality no "things" there, no beings, in fact nothing whatever than "dreaming". No "separate" object can possibly be experienced outside of the context of the field. Only the field, indivisible in actuality, can be experienced, whether you consciously notice that or not. Directly experiencing this fact clearly reveals the true nature, the actual condition, Reality, clearly and obviously as it actually is.

All of this is comprehensively indicated by the myth of Eden in Genesis. Adam and Eve are allowed to partake of the "tree of life", but if they were to partake of the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" they would be expelled from paradise, from perfection. The "tree of life" is the experience of reality as the infinite continuum that it is, the field of experience, "life". The "tree of knowledge of good and evil" is the mode of relating to experience through differentiation, through abstractly separating portions out of the whole in imagination, and relating to them as independently existing objects, which could then be judged as "good or evil", desirable or undesirable. Doing so inherently results in "expulsion from paradise", in being cut off from experiencing the perfection and inherent completeness that reality, your being/ experience, actually consists of, and the revelation of the way in which it truly exists.


Starting with one of your sense-fields: vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, or thought, relax your focus and experience the full field of the experience of the energy Radiantly appearing as that sense-field as a whole, as a continuum.Sense what is present intimately. If vision is focussed on, for example, experience the full field of light-energy appearing in your experience as a whole. Feel its texture, its miraculous spontaneous apparition, its Radiance, its boundarylessness. Relax into that until you effortlessly experience the field as the whole presence that it is.

Then let yourself fully and in detail notice an object within the field. Then relax the noticing of the object, and experience the effortless wholeness of the field again. Do this over and over, slowly and carefully, and notice the mechanism whereby the object is abstracted, and particularly how abstracting the object doesn't in any way actually remove the "object" from the wholeness of the field, with all of its inherent propeties, which is always the true context of experience. Notice how abstraction is just one mode of experience within the field, and how engaging in it or not actually doesn't change the true situation, the Presence of the experiential field, in the slightest.

Explore this with the other sense-fields, singly at first, and then let your attention notice several sense-fields at once, and notice these same phenomena. Eventually notice that the different sense-fields are themselves conceptual abstractions within the sole infinite field of the true being of your experience. Notice its properties: absolute infinity, absolute identity, absolute discontinuity, absolute indeterminacy, absolute Presence, absolute spontaneous independence from anything "outside" itself, absolute undefinability; and the inherent implications of these properties and any others that reveal themselves.

As you become more familiar with the experience of the eternal constancy of the infinite energy-field, even when experiencing it in the mode of abstracted objects, you will enter more and more deeply into the ongoing revelation of what you actually are, what this actually is, and how it is. This ongoing revelation will be revealed as the eternal event, the eternally ongoing absolute Be-ing, of inconceivable mystery and sacredness.