Dirty Enlightenment

The Inherent Perfection of Imperfection

Peter Brown - Author

Dirty Enlightenment is a stripped-down, radical presentation of the Nature of Reality and your spiritual place in it.

In actuality, you are a miraculously present infinite field of transcendental being presenting itself to itself as subtle radiant energy of pure intelligence. This truth is consonant with the view of Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita Vedanta, Kundalini Yoga, primal Buddhism, and with all radical spiritual traditions. Since this is already and eternally the sole condition, the spiritual challenge is merely to recognize that this is the case, with no special conditions or abilities needing to be cultivated, nothing in one's life needing to be changed or improved in the slightest.

Essence of Recognition

The Yoga of Radiant Presence Revealed Within the PRATYABHIJNA HRIDAYAM for Modern Yogis

Peter Brown - Author

This book is a translation and explanation of the Pratyabhijna Hridayam in clear, modern language, that makes this profound work available to modern yogis who are more interested in succeeding at yoga, than struggling with the arcane details of tradition and the philosophy.

The Pratyabhijna Hridayam is one of the root texts of Kashmir Shaivism. It gives in very concentrated form a complete description of the situation and path of highest yoga. Many translations of this text are available, but most are primarily concerned with the philosophy and tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, which while interesting is not essential for realization. This book clearly gives the ?short path? yoga in its entirety. Peter Brown is a fully realized yogi, who teaches mastery of yoga to advanced students.

The Yoga of Radiant                                              Presence

The Yoga of Radiant Presence

Peter Brown - Author

The YOGA of RADIANT PRESENCE presents clearly and comprehensively the direct path to spiritual realization, enlightenment.

This Yoga takes advantage of the fact that your experience is entirely the manifestation of absolute Reality. So, by exploring your present experience, the nature of Reality can be discovered. As you discover the nature of Reality, and the ways that it is radically beyond what you have held yourself and your world to be, you will become freed from the difficult implications of your misunderstandings. You will discover that you and your world are actually the miraculous Radiant Presence, and will enjoy its nature of absolute completeness, profundity, richness, meaningfulness, freedom, intelligence, and beauty. The issues involved in, and the techniques of this exploration are presented fully in this book. This Yoga is consonant with Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Chan, and other highest Yogas.

The Yoga                                              of Radiant Presence revealed in The Gospel of Thomas

The Yoga of Radiant Presence revealed in The Gospel of Thomas

Peter Brown - Author

The YOGA of RADIANT PRESENCE revealed in the GOSPEL OF THOMAS presents a clear and available explanation of the teachings of Jesus from the gospel, revealing the gospel to be a manual of instruction in the path to realizing one’s being to be the actual presence of God, the absolute, directly for oneself. Not surprisingly, the teaching of Jesus turns out to be consonant with the highest Yoga teachings of most traditions (e.g. Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita, Chan, Taoism, etc.), since they all describe this same sole actual condition from their respective cultural viewpoints.

Coming to understand what Jesus is referring to in your own experience enables you to know yourself to actually be the "son of God" within the "kingdom of heaven"; these notions are not vague idealistic metaphor, but are the literal truth, when rightly understood. Within this book this is made clear and available to the sincere reader.  

The Astounding Nature of Experience:
Conversations with Peter Brown 2010 - 2013

Stanton Hunter - Author

The Astounding Nature of Experience chronicles three years of conversations with radical philosopher Peter Brown regarding the dynamism of experience, and how to be with that in artful ways. With deep understanding of many of the world's contemplative and mystery traditions, Peter challenges the ways we take things for granted, which open fresh ways of perceiving already in place. His teachings undermine separateness, solidity, and the describable world, and introduce us to the buzzing vibrant quality within the felt energies of our immediate experience. If you sense that "normal" really isn't, the contemplations in the book are potent and surprising. These conversations via Skype, email, and in person were compiled and edited during the editor's sabbatical, under the topic of art and perception. Included in the book is the sabbatical preface that directly link the insights to art training and practice.

This That Is

This That Is

Talks Compiled and Edited by Peter's Students

Spirituality is evolving toward seeing what experience is in itself, rather than positing doctrines of belief. The left-hand path of directly seeing the nature of experience, is the future. Such an exploration requires a reckoning with the infinite nature of things. Human concepts and ‘consensus reality’ are inadequate for this approach. This book is about the specific questions raised in this exploration, where curiosity replaces belief, and infinity is addressed. Peter Brown is a master of this Yoga and your best guide to this new approach.