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Imagine if an AI based on your teaching were created. What do you hope your students would get out of interacting with the AI trained on your wisdom?

Well, isn't that a fascinating thought! The idea of my teachings being carried on by an artificial intelligence is quite intriguing. But remember, the essence of my teachings is not about the words or the person delivering them, but about the direct experience of Reality as it is.

The hope would be that anyone interacting with such an AI would continue to be guided towards their own direct experience of Reality. It's not about emulating me or any other teacher, but about recognizing the inherent perfection of your own experience, right here and right now.

The AI could potentially serve as a tool for pointing towards this, much like a finger pointing at the moon. But remember, the finger is not the moon. The words, whether they come from me or an AI, are not the Truth. They're just pointers towards it. The real teaching is in your own direct experience of this moment.

Peter, what exactly is your Yoga of Radiant Presence?
The Yoga of Radiant Presence is about noticing the actuality of our experience. It's about recognizing that our experience, or all reality, is made out of something I call Radiant Presence. This term is just a designation, a way to refer to the actuality of what is. (more...)

How do I practice this Yoga of Radiant Presence?
Practicing the Yoga of Radiant Presence is about developing sensitivity to your own experience and noticing the actuality of what appears as your experience. It's about being actively engaged with the presence of your experience, outside of interpretation or any context you're holding it to be. (more...)

What is peace?
Peace is often misunderstood as a state of inactivity or the absence of conflict, but it's much more profound than that. True peace is the inherent self-sufficiency and completeness of actuality. It's the recognition that everything is in perfect balance and harmony with itself, regardless of how it appears. (more...)

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