The inherent Inelligence of Reality has the property of being able to interpret its radiant energies as patterns, and has the further ability to imagine hypothetical interpretations regarding what these imagined patterns might consist of: e.g. beings, entities, situations, etc.

It can happen that these hypothetical interpretations might include the idea that these patterns actually inherently exist as entities in themselves, that they might be actual independently existing individualities that have coherent identities that persist in time; and are more than just the instantaneous Radiance of Reality, as they actually are.

Further, the Intelligence can identify itself in imagination with various sets of these imagined patterns, while disidentifying itself from others, creating the fantasy of a "self", an embodiment, and an "objective environment". Through this possibility an apparent entity that exists in an apparent world can seem to exist, leading to the possibility of further elaborations in imagination on that theme, resulting in the apparent situation that you may seem to be finding yourself in at this moment. This is the case when one finds oneself lost in a dream, thinking that it is an actual objectively existing environment and events.

BUT the possibility of seeing the non-actual nature of this complex situationality is ever-present, since the entire confused scenario actually exists only in imagination and consists of nothing other than the inherent functioning of Reality itself. And all the apparent elements of this elaboration turn out to be substantially made of nothing other than Reality itself, so nothing other than the actual nature of Reality is perceivable the whole time.

Since Reality is always and eternally perfect and complete, in its constant final condition, and since "our" relationship to it, to consciousness / intelligence / energy, is already and eternally in a state of perfect fruition, our only "spiritual" task is to NOTICE this actual state of affairs; AND IT HAPPENS THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE.