This site exists to transmit


in celebration of the eternal unfolding

of Divine Reality.

"Leave the realm of the describable! It doesn't exist!
You define your problems into existence, as well as their hoped-for solutions,
thus creating an apparent difficult, limited reality, where none exists whatsoever.

This actual, present condition is absolutely inconceivable;
ANY way you hold it to be with your descriptions and ideas
does not actually exist, and cannot in actuality limit or entrap you.

Your imagined un-realization, confusion, spiritual obscuration,
as well as the imagined enlightenment that you hope for as its solution,
DO NOT EXIST! They are defined into apparent existence
by your imagination.

This actual condition can be clearly known as it is,
but not if it is held to be this or that
in imagination.

Let go of all descriptions, and then what is this? You cannot say...

...but it is not nothing, and is wonderful beyond imagination."

Peter Brown

The YOGA OF RADIANT PRESENCE is the actual nature and process of reality itself, so is intrinsically the most fundamental, essential, and efficient spiritual engagement possible. It consists of the settling of all identification with orienting experience toward partial and incomplete interpretations of what it is, into the comprehensive actuality of what is authentically present; partially describable as an absolutely transcendental field of Radiant "subtle energy", the actual energy of being/consciousness/experience itself.

This Yoga is the "process" by which any being who has realized reality has actually done so, regardless of the spiritual tradition or context that the being may seem to be imbedded in. This Yoga is the essence of Dzogchen, Kashmir Shaivism, Advaita, Tantra, Raja and Jnana yogas, etc.

However, this Yoga need not be presented in terms of the complex theories and terminology of these various philosophies, and here the endeavour is made to present it directly in common language.

This Yoga leads directly to realization, liberation, enlightenment, and actually uses the condition of the "goal" itself as the "path" to that goal.

Engaging in this Yoga directly requires "transmission", which is the discovery of the actual condition of one's experiential Presence. This discovery generally occurs through engagement with a being who embodies the realization of this actuality.